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Here you will find some photos and information regarding the canaries we breed here at Feather Buddies Aviary. We do not breed the most common canaries, we focus our attention on two type of canaries.

The Gloster Canary, this bird is a little larger than the common American Singer Canary and there are two types of Gloster. The Crested, the head feathers on this type make these birds look like they are a fan of the Beatles. The feathers fan out from the head and make them appear to be wearing a cap. The there is the Consort, the head feathers on these birds is that of the common American Singer, however they are normally still a little larger.

The Stafford Canary, we have just started to breed these. We recently acquired a couple of pairs and some extra hens to begin breeding. These birds are of a red or pinkish color with some color variations. Like the Gloster these are available crested and consort.

Very Young Gloster Canary

This is a very young male crested Gloster Canary. In this photo he looks almost identical to his father. His mother is a green varigated.

Two Stafford Crested Male Canaries.


Male Crested Intense Red.

This is a new addition to our breeding stock. We are anxious to start the breeding season to see what this year will bring.