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Scarlet Chested Parakeet

This is one of the grasskeets that originated in Australia. The male birds have bright blue on thier head as well as a scarlet colored chest. The females are much duller in color lacking the bright blue on the head and the scarlet chest.

Male Scarlet Chested Parakeet.

This is my favorite male, he is very friendly (not tame).

  Basic Information:

The Scarlet Chested Parakeet is about 2 times the size of the average Budgerigar, and have a much wider tail. These birds are very quiet, thier chirp is very pleasant much quieter than the normal parakeet.

Basic Breeding Information:

Once you have acquired a pair suitable for breeding you will also need a breeder box (usually made of wood). The hen will use the breeder box to lay her eggs and raise the young. Once the hen starts laying eggs she will lay one egg every other day until she has laid between 4-8 eggs. The hen will not usually start sitting on the eggs until after the third or fourth egg is layed. Once she starts sitting through the night the eggs will take between 18-20 days to start hatching and will take a few days for all of them to hatch. The baby birds will stay in the box for about 30 days with mom and dad sharing in the feeding. Once the babies leave the box the father will take over the majority of the feeding and will remain with the parents for about 2-3 more weeks.

Where can I find a Scarlet Chested Parakeet?

Scarlet Chested Parakeets are a little tough to find, they are not usually found in pet stores. Looking on the web or attending bird shows is probably your best bet for finding these beautiful birds.

Here are 5 babies at 31 days old with thier mother. The mother is the one on the right with the yellow spots on her back. These babies started coming out of the box on 10/19/03 the last one came out on 10/23/03. The male and hen shown on this page are the proud parents of these beautiful and healthy babies. (more baby pictures are available by clicking the "Nursery" link to the left of this page.)

Female Scarlet Chested Parakeet.

Purchased from Dutch Tweet Aviary in Santa Rosa, CA in 2002